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For first timers the remodeling process is new and could be a little confusing. Below are the steps you can expect to take in a typical remodeling project. We have outlined the process from the selection process - through the design phase - and on to completion. Parkland Kitchen & Bath, insists on spending time with their clients educating them on "what to expect" on any given remodeling or renovation project.

The Steps

  1. Initial Meeting

  2. Take Measurements, Investigate all Job Site Conditions

  3. Create Design - Draw up Scope of Work - Client Proposal 

  4. Pre-contract, Re- Check of Measurements, Client Contractor Discussion

  5. Prepare Contract - Client Signing of Contract - Deposit

  6. Verify & Order  Starting Materials

  7. Pre-construction Meeting Owner & Contractor

  8. Material Delivery to Job Site

  9. Start of Project, Payments in Stages

  10. Pre-completion Checklist Owner - Contractor Walk Through

  11. Final Completion - Final Payment


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