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Kitchen Renovation Tips

Today, kitchens are one of the main focal points of any upscale home. More than all other rooms, the kitchen tends to be where we spend allot of time while at home. A well-designed and functional kitchen and eating area can inspire you to spend more of your time cooking great meals and can motivate you to entertain family and friends on a more regular basis so you can show off your cooking talents.

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Pricing & Costs

The actual bottom line cost of your particular project will depend on many factors. Will you be using custom or stock items. What are the existing conditions. Where is the location of the project. Will there be difficulty in getting materials to the site, are you using a fully Licensed & Insured Contractor etc. You can talk to several different contractors and receive several different prices. We have outlined some very important concerns in the pricing area below.

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Bathroom Renovation Tips

Before you begin looking around for materials that you would like to use, you need to have a good idea of exactly what type of renovation you would like done in your bathroom. Start out by purchasing some design or remodeling magazines geared to home remodeling and bathrooms specifically. Identify the things you like in each magazine and mark the pages for future reference. You can also get some great ideas from watching all the remodeling and renovation shows on TV.

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The Remodeling Process

For first timers the remodeling process is new and could be a little confusing. Below are the steps you can expect to take in a typical remodeling project. We have outlined the process from the contractor - architect selection process - through the design phase - and on to completion. Parkland Kitchen & Bath insists on spending time with their clients educating them on "what to expect" on any given remodeling or renovation project.

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Home Renovation Tips

There are numerous critical steps in selecting the right Remodeling Contractor. Because decisions regarding your home are some of the most important you'll ever make, finding the ideal renovation company is imperative to insuring the final finished product will transcend time and create a haven of everlasting memories for you and your family. Parkland Kitchen & Bath specializes in Kitchen & Bath Renovations along with a multitude of home renovation projects.  

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Project Management

Parkland Kitchen & Bath supervises all projects ranging from Whole House Remodels, Complete Kitchen & bath Renovations and all types of remodeling projects. Each project we take on is carefully managed by a dedicated project manager who has completed hundreds of projects like yours and has vast experience with all facets of your particular project from start to completion. 

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About Contractors

Whether you're planning a large Home improvement project for a growing family or simply getting new storm windows, finding a licensed, competent, and reliable Contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying Home Improvement Renovation. This applies to anyone regardless of where you live throughout the Southern Florida area or anywhere else for that matter.

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How To Hire A Contractor

Newspapers, Television & Radio News, books, and magazines all have some very disturbing insights of the contracting industry.

It's common knowledge. Contractors, for the most part, have a horrible image. To us here at Parkland Kitchen & Bath this really disturbs us! We know that we are the most hard working, good, honest, conscientious, and decent group of people a client could ever meet.

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Contractor Requirements

All Contractors who work and do business in the state of Florida must have a license to do so issued by the governing authority. 

Along with licensing, a Contractor must have all the proper insurance coverage at all times. Liability, and in some cases Workmen's Comp, and Disability. Parkland Kitchen & Bath is fully Licensed and Insured to handle your construction project.

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